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InstaFriday | 9.30.2011

InstaFriday is a fun little feature I’m participating in over at Life Rearranged where you post some of your favorite Instagram photos from the week.  This is especially fun because of how much I love Instagram, and documenting my life through it.  If you are on Instagram, definitely consider joining in the fun.  If not, enjoy this semi-weekly update of my life. Continue reading

Thrifting Fun | The Junk Bonanza

Last weekend Jason & I visited the Junk Bonanza here in Minnesota.  The Junk Bonanza is where, for a weekend, 130+ junk & antique dealers from the midwest bring lots of awesome stuff for us to buy.  There was definitely something for everyone here, and an incredibly inspiring space to walk through. Continue reading

A Fun Workshop | Cake Pops

A little while ago my awesome blogger friend Darcie hosted a Cake Pop Workshop at her house.  She thought it would be fun to invite a dozen friends over to her home to make some cake pops together.  How fun is that?  Don’t you wish you had a friend like Darcie?  I bet you do now.  :) Continue reading

Photobooth Friday | State Fair

I absolutely love Photobooths.  Seriously, I adore them!  If you have ever spent any time with me, that time likely included, at some point, being dragged by me into a photobooth.  This feature is purely fun, to show off those many photobooth strips I have acquired (and am still acquiring) and to share the silly love I have for all types of photobooths.

Continue reading

What I Love Wednesday | Salted Caramel

I’m linking up with Krystina again for What I Love Wednesday. This week I’m loving Salted Caramel. Pinterest is mostly responsible for this obsession of mine (actually, Pinterest is to blame for a lot of my new obsessions. Hehe.) Continue reading

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