Monthly Archives: December 2011

Merry Christmas | Our 2011 Holiday Card

Merry Christmas!  Since they are all sent out and my family has seen them, I thought I would share this year’s Christmas card with my awesome readers. Continue reading

InstaFriday | 12.09.2011

Another week of Instagram photo goodness!  This week was full of crafting, cuddling, and fun.  That’s kind of a perfect week, actually.  It would be great if every week were chock full of such fun things. Continue reading

Free Printable Gift Tags | Inspired by My Best Friend

Do you need some fun gift tags this season?  I haven’t started wrapping presents yet, but it’s truly one of my favorite things about giving gifts for Christmas.  Picking out wrapping paper and writing out gifts tags is just so fun for me.  Every year I use different tags and I have a lot of fun picking them out too.  This year I wanted to design my own, inspired by my best friend, Kristen. :)

Continue reading

A Fun iPhone App | Days Until

I love to share with people my favorite iPhone apps. It’s so much fun to hear that a friend just got an iPhone, and the following question I typically hear is, “what apps should I get?”  Well, there are a LOT of apps out there that I love.  Today I’d like to share a cool countdown app with you that I like… and a nice little bonus, it’s free! Continue reading

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