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A little while ago my awesome blogger friend Darcie hosted a Cake Pop Workshop at her house.  She thought it would be fun to invite a dozen friends over to her home to make some cake pops together.  How fun is that?  Don’t you wish you had a friend like Darcie?  I bet you do now.  :)

Our little get together wasn’t just a bunch of women trying to make cake pops, oh no.  Darcie got us a professional instructor to help us to learn about the art of cake pops (our instructor is the one with the adorable apron on in the photo… hi Beki!)

I had made cake pops a hand full of times before this class, but I still learned a bunch of tips and tricks to use on my next batch.  I’m super excited to put the tips to use!  Now all I need is an excuse to make a bunch.  Anyone have a birthday coming up?  ;)

I even brought my good friend Kelly with me, as she has an appreciation for all things crafty and awesome (just one of the many reasons we are friends!) Here we are with our delicious finished products.

Check out Darcie’s adorable daughter Haley in the middle going for a bite… hehe!  She’s got the right idea for sure!

If you live in the Twin Cities area and would like to have a cake pops workshop in your home, check out our instructor Beki.  She owns Beki Cook’s Cakes and was extremely helpful to all of us, whether we were cake pop making veterans or complete newbies, we all learned a lot.  Check out her blog for more details.  She also has a great tutorial up on how to make cake pops if you’d like to try on your own.

Thanks so much for hosting this fun get-together Darcie!  I’m so glad I could make it!  (Also, photo credits for the group shots go to Darcie as well… check out her recap of the fun on her blog.)


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