A Holiday Photo Class | Picture the Holidays

Last year, I took part in Tracey Clark’s Picture the Holidays class. As part of the class, you are given a prompt each day, to help you to capture the season’s moments, traditions, and events that make up the holidays.

It’s a wonderful class, and I recommend it to everyone who may need a little bit of a push to slow down and savor the holiday season.  No matter where you live, whether you are traveling for the holidays or staying home, whether you have kids or not, you can participate.

This year the class is being offered through Paper Coterie for FREE!  Last year I paid for it, and let me tell you, it’s worth every penny.  But since you get to try it for free, you really have nothing to loose, and no pressure to participate every day (though you will find yourself wanting to for sure!)

These are a few of the photos I captured last year, and they remain some of the favorites from last winter for sure.

Check out more information over on Tracey’s blog and sign up at Paper Coterie

I have absolutely no affiliation with this class other than the fact that I took it last year and adore it.  I’m so excited to participate again this year and think that you should join me! There is  even a Facebook group set up for participants to get to know each other (lots of people from Minnesota!) Be sure to sign up quick since registration closes November 30th!


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