An Amazing Summer Concert | Adele

Last week, my husband surprised me with Adele tickets as an early Birthday present.  She played at the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul after rescheduling earlier in the summer due to laryngitis.  We were lucky to get to go; that we were in town for the new show date and that Jason could get tickets at all.  In a word, the show was: amazing.  Simply incredible. 

I’ve been a fan of Adele all summer.  I started hearing more and more of her music come up while listening to Pandora, and in my Twitter stream from people who like her music as well.  Then, when browsing Pinterest one night (wow, you can really see by this story how much social media effects my interests!) I saw this quote by her, and that’s when I knew I really loved her as an artist.

The show was awesome.  Adele’s super cute accent is, well, super cute.  She’s really crass when she describes the ex-boyfriend’s who are who the songs are about… describing them with words I probably shouldn’t repeat on this blog. :)

I was simply amazed by her effortless talent most of all.  I knew she was talented because I love her music and her voice, but the way she can just belt it out like it’s second nature (which I bet it is!) is just incredible.  That, and she’s pretty young, only 21!  In the second photo above she played my favorite cover of hers, “Make you Feel My Love” and she asked that everyone turn the lights on their cell phones on.

This video is my favorite song by her, Someone Like You. I heard it’s the new single on her album, so be listening to the radio for it to get more and more popular, because it will.  During the show the entire audience was singing along, it was so powerful and I just loved it.  It’s emotional and raw and beautiful.


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