Away We Go


Jason and I have been married 7 years, and in those 7 years we’ve had 5 different addresses. The most recent is the house we are listing for sale next week. I’m writing this post on my phone, from my bed, on our last night in this house. I figure since I have a baby sleeping on my arm who will most certainly wake up if I move him, I will use this time to be all reflective and crap.

A lot of pretty important things have happened in this house. We’ve experienced countless dull things while living here — loads of laundry, garbage days (is it a recycling week or not?), snow storms, etc… But of course it’s the remarkable things that stand out:

We’ve had countless visitors including all members of our immediate families as well as best friends from the East Coast. Parents, sisters, and even our niece have spent time here with us.

We got our dog, Everett a few months after we moved here. We’ve walked him outside in -30° and 110° temperatures, and everywhere in between.

One of our friends lived with us here for 8 months and quickly became one of our best friends, if not a member of our family. We would have kept her if we could.

We found out we were pregnant for the first time in this house. I sat on the (closed) toilet and Jason sat across from me on the side of the tub in our master bathroom. We just stared at each other and at the positive pregnancy test for a while and he asked me “so we’re really doing this?” and I responded, “yup, I guess we are.”

We grieved for our daughter. Alice, in this house. We received close to 100 sympathy cards and so many gorgeous flowers from loving friends and family. We had dinner brought to us. We cried and sobbed and held each other on the couch in the living room.

We brought our son home to this house. This will always be his first home, even though he won’t remember it. Those first few weeks of having a newborn, of sleeplessness, of doubt, of love, were all spent in this house.

And now, our first house will be packed up, cleaned, repainted, and listed for slightly higher than what we purchased it for (woo!) We are headed to Cincinnati with our baby, dog, and two cats. We already have so many people there, but we’re leaving behind so many more. Our next chapter is about to begin and I feel ill prepared as we say goodbye to this house and to Minnesota. I suppose I’ll have to really learn how to spell Cincinnati soon… that’s a good first step, right?

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