Been Huntin’ for a House

Aah, that back woods Vermonter in me just came out a bit. We don’t like to pronounce our g’s at the end of words.

Jason and I got up at the butt-crack of morning on Sunday (that’s 3am for those not current on your obscure anatomy) packed a suitcase, and hefted a small amount of stuff for us along with a completely disproportionate amount of stuff for Ben to the airport. Our flight was at 5:50am. We arrived at the Cincinnati airport, which is really in Northern Kentucky (no, really) at around 11am Sunday morning. And then it began…

We got our rental car, drove through the city up I-75, and checked into our hotel. We then went through and looked at how many open houses we could get to before they all closed for the day. We ended up seeing 3 houses. One of them we loved.

The next day we met with our realtor and saw 11 more houses.

The day after that Jason started a training for work but Ben & I saw 5 more houses.

For those of you who don’t want to do the math on that… that’s 19 houses. You can probably guess how well I’m keeping them straight in my head. There are any number of stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops, finished basements, master bathrooms, and whatever else comes standard in a house these days, running through my head. You can also guess how well Ben did being taken in and out of the car every 15 or so minutes for an entire day, and how patient he was at the end of it. (He actually did amazing, but we all have our limits. I don’t blame him for getting fussy eventually.)

“What did you think of the yard at the house on the cul-de-sac?”
“Wait… which one was that?”

“Does the one off 8 Mile Road have a finished basement?”
“Uhhhh… beats me.”

“The house near the middle school… did it have a garage?”
“You think I remember small details like that?”

Everything is blending together. Certain details are standing out, but mostly I remember the impression I got from the house when I walked into it. And you know what? Maybe that’s what actually matters. Maybe the feeling we get when we’re in it is important, and not whether or not the back patio is stone or stamped concrete. (For the record, I prefer stamped concrete.)

On Friday we’ll visit 2 more houses as well as 2 we’ve already seen that we like. The reality is that we could live in any of the houses we’ve seen. None of them are terrible, but none of them are perfect either. It’s going to come down to just deciding what’s important. Do we really need a basketball court in our backyard? What about a hot tub? Can we finish the basement after we buy the house? How about investing in painting over that god-awful color in the dining room? Do I absolutely need a bathtub that big?

(The answer to that last one is yes. Yes I do.)

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