Fun Stuff

A Fun iPhone App | Days Until

I love to share with people my favorite iPhone apps. It’s so much fun to hear that a friend just got an iPhone, and the following question I typically hear is, “what apps should I get?”  Well, there are a LOT of apps out there that I love.  Today I’d like to share a cool countdown app with you that I like… and a nice little bonus, it’s free! Continue reading

A Holiday Photo Class | Picture the Holidays

Last year, I took part in Tracey Clark’s Picture the Holidays class. As part of the class, you are given a prompt each day, to help you to capture the season’s moments, traditions, and events that make up the holidays. Continue reading

31 Days of Inspiration | A Fun Holiday Workshop

I don’t know if you know this, but I am the editor of another crafty blog called Simple Crafter. The site features lots of tutorials, inspiration, and printables for beginner and expert crafters. Continue reading

My Summer Bucket List | Fun & Silly

Every season I try to make a list of things I’d like to do to take advantage of the time. 
In the winter I put things like “build a snow fort” or “go ice skating.”  The summer months are much more active here in Minnesota though, so there are a lot of fun things on my list this summer.  Some of them are big, some fun local activities, and some are just plain silly.  Continue reading

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