InstaFriday | 01.06.2012

Welcome to another week of Instagram photos!  Our week started out with New Year’s where we were in the middle of coming home from Vermont… driving home from Vermont actually.  Due to winter weather it took us 3 days, so on Sunday and part of Monday we were still on the road.  The rest of the week was spent at home and has included a lot of relaxing and catching up on sleep. Continue reading

InstaFriday | 12.09.2011

Another week of Instagram photo goodness!  This week was full of crafting, cuddling, and fun.  That’s kind of a perfect week, actually.  It would be great if every week were chock full of such fun things. Continue reading

InstaFriday | 9.30.2011

InstaFriday is a fun little feature I’m participating in over at Life Rearranged where you post some of your favorite Instagram photos from the week.  This is especially fun because of how much I love Instagram, and documenting my life through it.  If you are on Instagram, definitely consider joining in the fun.  If not, enjoy this semi-weekly update of my life. Continue reading

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