Happy New Year | 2012 Plans Aplenty!

Happy New Year to all of you out there in Blogland!  I hope you had a great holiday and New Year and that you got some rest, some time with family, and maybe even some time to create some fun things.  Jason and I spent two weeks in Vermont with our families for the holidays, and just got back yesterday.  We drove the 1,500 miles home so that we could bring Everett with us.  What an adventure!  More on that later though… Today, I’m looking ahead to the new year and fun plans and projects for 2012.

[Find this awesome free printable 2012 calendar over at Skip to My Lou!]

This year I’ll be continuing a few projects which I have done in the past (including Project 365 as well as One Little Word.)  I will also be making a list of goals for the year, as I do every year.  I prefer making goals for the year instead of resolutions because it’s easier to work towards a goal you have in mind, rather than a resolution that may fall away quickly after January 1st.

Whether they are fun, serious, or just need to happen as they have been on my mind for a while, these are the things I have on my mind for this year.  Whether you choose to make resolutions, a list of goals, or a bucket list for the year, just know that writing it all down, getting it out there, is the first (and sometimes the biggest) step in the process. :)

My 2012 Goals:

Run a half marathon – I am registered for the Women’s Half Marathon on August 26, 2012.  I am sufficiently terrified as I began training last year and within 3 weeks had sustained an injury that made it painful for me to run for about a month (ugh.) If there’s anyone out there who wants to join me, PLEASE DO!  :)  I’ll be starting training again this week and hope to be more than ready by August.

Develop a Routine – Working from home makes it hard to not get distracted, at least for me it does.  I know I need a regular routine that works for me, I just need to go ahead and try it and then tweak it now and then to make it perfect.  I’ve been letting a lot of things get in the way of this (a wonky sleep schedule being one of those things).  It will be nice to get it under control.

Grow my Shop & Blogs – The more effort I put into my shop & blogs, the more I get out of them.  In order for them to thrive, I need to have a solid plan for each that’s realistic as well as detailed.  I find that, as long as I put forth the effort to make the plans, they are much easier and more straightforward for me to accomplish.  I need for these businesses, which I have already put so much of my heart into, to succeed, and I know they can with the hard work they require. (Side note: If you don’t already know, I am also the editor of Simple Crafter, if you’d like to check it out. :)

Go to the Dentist – This may sound like something that shouldn’t be on a list of goals, but it is for me.  I am absolutely terrified of the dentist and need to get a couple cracked teeth fixed (ouch!) This is the year that I do NOT put it off any longer.  I know it will just get worse if I do, and I’ll end up needing a root canal.  I need to act like an adult and take care of it, no matter how scared I am. (Oy!)

There you have it!  I have a sort of a bucket list for 2012 as well, but those types of things are usually things I focus on each season.  For example, “spend a weekend in Chicago” is on my Summer Bucket List for 2012, along with a whole bunch of other fun things. :)

What are your goals (or resolutions) for 2012?


2 Responses to Happy New Year | 2012 Plans Aplenty!

  • Mary says:

    Sounds like a great list to accomplish!

    I’d be more than happy to join up with you to run once I’m given the okay to start training again after this peanut is born. I won’t be half-marathon ready by August, but I’m hoping to be 10-mile ready by October.

    And I’m such a big baby about going to the dentist. The last time I went was to have a tooth recapped after the original fix broke off. Not a pleasant experience, and I don’t think I’ve been back since. So yes, that too is on my list of things that have to be done soon.

    Good luck, my dear! :)

  • Jennifer says:

    How about scheduling your Chicago trip around July 17-19?

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