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Today I’d like to introduce to you my take on Gussy’s weekly Inspiration Workshop prompts. These prompts are so much fun and totally open to interpretation, which is part of the fun!  It’s fun to see how everyone involved interprets the creative prompt Gussy gives us.

This week’s Prompt is “The Front Porch.”  When I saw it I automatically thought back to earlier this month when I was at my parent’s house in Northern Vermont.  I mean, just take a look at the photos I took — doesn’t it just look incredibly blissful?

The house overlooks fields and a mountain.  My Mom’s three horses graze in the field in front of the house, and my parents built the split-rail fence you see in the foreground.  I even had my wedding reception right there in that field, in a big white tent.  It was perfect. The last photo was my view when I was reading on the hammock when I was home.  Just hanging out with my Mom’s dog, Abby, enjoying my afternoon in Vermont.

Do you have a front porch in your life that you absolutely adore?  Another fun thing about this porch — watching thunderstorms!  I absolutely love watching the lighting over the mountain from this porch.

Check out all the rest of the inspiration over at the Gussy Sews Blog and a big thanks to Maggie for hosting this fun feature every week!

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  • Crystal says:

    I love watching lightning! Vermont sounds amazing. I am starting to be over this California lifestyle and trade it in for something like your mom has!

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