InstaFriday | 01.06.2012

Welcome to another week of Instagram photos!  Our week started out with New Year’s where we were in the middle of coming home from Vermont… driving home from Vermont actually.  Due to winter weather it took us 3 days, so on Sunday and part of Monday we were still on the road.  The rest of the week was spent at home and has included a lot of relaxing and catching up on sleep.

Here we are in the car.  Jason was driving, which was rare going to Vermont, but he drove a lot more on the way home.  This was great because BOY was my neck sore.  Driving for that long (it’s a 27 hour trip!) makes your neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, everything sore.  Even my thumb was cramping up!  Anyway, this is us in the car, with Everett, having a great time somewhere in Ohio. :)

When we got to Wisconsin we make an effort to seek out a Dunkin Donuts.  If you are from the east coast, these are everywhere.  If you are from the midwest, they are hardly anywhere! Luckily, there is one just 5 hours from home (ha!) Since there are no Dunkin’s in Vermont (not where I grew up anyway) and we didn’t get a chance to visit Boston over the holiday, we had to stop by.  Hot chocolate and donut holes accompanied us for the next few miles (until they were devoured.)

Aaaah, home.  One of the first things I did when we got home (after cuddling with my kitties) was to take a bath in my tub.  I adore my tub and certainly missed it when I was gone.  Doesn’t it look dreamy and relaxing?  I’m so spoiled.

Being home for 2+ weeks means a lot of mail stacks up.  This was the stack of Christmas cards waiting for us in our mailbox.  It was so much fun to open them all up at once.

Being back in Minnesota means embracing (oh, hey, that’s my word this year!) the cold.  Although it has been unseasonably warm so far (our snow has all melted today!) I did catch myself outside with wet hair and it froze.  After posting this one on Instagram I could tell my friends who live in warmer climates from the ones who live in places like me.  Some were in disbelief, and some could completely relate.  It’s not healthy to go out with your hair wet (I can hear my Mom telling me that I’ll probably catch a cold) but when the pup needs to be walked, he needs to be walked.

Check out this cute mug I got!  I told myself that if it was less than $10 I would get it… I had seen it on Instagram a few days before.  I went to Target, flipped it over to see the price, and it was $3.99! Yes! Mine! Haha.  It’s so cute.  Kristen and I decided his name is Thomas.  :)

And finally, Jason and I went running at the gym yesterday.  Oy.  That sucked.  My left knee had been bothering me all day and it didn’t stop when I was running.  I’m still glad I went though.  Training for a half marathon is hard so far but I need to do it, and this is the first step… getting back to running.  Even if it hurts.  (Also, blah.  Haha!)

InstaFriday is a fun little feature I’m participating in over at Life Rearranged where you post some of your favorite Instagram photos from the week.  If you are on Instagram, definitely consider joining in the fun, or finding me on there (@sampiette.)


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