InstaFriday | 12.09.2011

Another week of Instagram photo goodness!  This week was full of crafting, cuddling, and fun.  That’s kind of a perfect week, actually.  It would be great if every week were chock full of such fun things.

Last weekend Jason and I went to an Ugly Sweater Party.  It was also a cookie exchange party, which was both awesome and dangerous since there was so much deliciousness in one room.  I’ve actually decided that I really like my ugly sweater.  :) Jason’s on the other hand… it had jingle bells and bows and it’s really ugly, in a great way.  So fun!

We finally got our first (real) snow here in Minnesota!  I say “real” because it had snowed a few weeks ago, but it was depressing and wet and yucky.  It wasn’t the first “real” snow.  This was the first real snow.  It was beautiful and brisk and magical.

Everett also thought it was pretty magical.  He adores the snow and when we brought him outside and he saw it, you should have seen the craziness that came after.  Running and jumping and eating it like a crazy pup.  He sticks his whole face in the snow and sniffs around and doesn’t care that it’s all over his face like this.  This was actually after he had shaken most of it off. Haha!

I’ve been doing lots of crafting this week to prepare for Christmas!  We’ll be home in Vermont for a couple weeks for the holidays, so I’m trying to get all my crafting done before we leaving.  This means that my craft room has been a disaster, like this photo of my craft table.  I cleaned it up though, after I took this.

And after cleaning up my table, I got to work on another Christmas gift for a friend.  It’s a funky, cool, and fun little clutch.  She loves pink and I made her a bigger clutch a few months ago using these fabrics, so this will match.  :) Note to self: take a photo of the finished project to post. :)

Lots of snuggling in this house lately because it’s been COLD.  (As I type this it’s a balmy 15*F.) Everett LOVES to cuddle with Bruno, Bruno doesn’t really love it at all, but he tolerates it.  Apparently the pillow wasn’t enough, he wanted to also use the kitty as a pillow.  Silly pup. :)

InstaFriday is a fun little feature I’m participating in over at Life Rearranged where you post some of your favorite Instagram photos from the week.  If you are on Instagram, definitely consider joining in the fun, or finding me on there (@sampiette.)


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