InstaFriday | 9.30.2011

InstaFriday is a fun little feature I’m participating in over at Life Rearranged where you post some of your favorite Instagram photos from the week.  This is especially fun because of how much I love Instagram, and documenting my life through it.  If you are on Instagram, definitely consider joining in the fun.  If not, enjoy this semi-weekly update of my life.

I absolutely love the changing of the seasons.  I have always lived in a place where the seasons change pretty drastically and Minnesota is no exception.  These pinecones were spotted (dripping with pitch) on a walk Jason and I took Everett on.

The caterpillar is a Monarch.  He’s been hanging out on some milkweed by the house and I check on him every day to see if he’s still there.  Hopefully soon he’ll get to changing into a butterfly because it’s getting cold!

Since I’m planning to open my new Etsy shop soon (eep!) I’ve been spending a lot of time in my craft room.  I just noticed in this photo that I have coordinated my supplies.  I guess I really like purple.  :)

Since it’s fall, I’ve been eating an apple about every day.  Everett loves apples, and this is the face he was giving me the other day when he wanted me to share.  Needless to say, I caved and gave him some.

I guess I take a lot of photos of the colors of fall.  There are two trees down the street that have been changing for a while, and I couldn’t resist snapping a pic with the sun shining through the leaves with the blue sky.  My mother-in-law calls this color of blue “Minnesota Blue” because she says we have the bluest skies.  :)


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