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Jason and I are a little obsessed with Lacrosse.  Not playing it (oh man, that would be comical) but watching it.  Last year we went to a bunch of games Minnesota Swarm, and this year we’re season ticket holders.  That means all the home games, all season, we’ll be there.  We are even taking a group of 13 people to the game this Sunday to celebrate Jason’s Birthday!

This game, you guys… it’s so much fun.  So. Much. Fun. It’s fast and intense and easy enough to understand that I follow along really well.  The crowd is a little wild (in a good way) and it’s so fun… did I mention that it’s fun already? Well, it is.

Last weekend was the Home Opener and we brought two of our friends who had never been.  It was cowbell night, so everyone got cow bells.  Now typically this would drive me insane, but since I had a cowbell too, I just joined in the “more cowbell” fun and actually ended up with a cut on my finger from holding the thing and ringing it so much for 3 hours.  No joke.

Throughout the first half of the game the other team were being mean (that’s putting it very nicely.)  Lacrosse is a physical sport anyway, and we’ve seen some fights and punches taken, but this was different.  When half time started both teams basically flooded onto the field and just started throwing punches.  It was violent, and insane, and kind of awesome.   We were a little afraid that someone would get hurt, but it seems like everyone was ok.  10 people ended up getting thrown out of the game, but it was worth it because they got to beat on some snarky players.  :) This photos was taken when the fights were wrapping up… they all went out to pick up their gear on the field because they had taken it all off to fight.  This stuff is seriously entertaining.

And guess what?  The swarm ended up winning 19-11.  This made Jason very happy.  :)  I’m surprised, that with all his screaming, he could even talk the next day.

This weekend we have a game Friday night as well as Sunday afternoon… we’ll see if Jason can talk on Monday morning. :)


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