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Upperland forest

3 Mar Secret of Mana Remake. When you land in the forest, Popoi hits his head and forgets exactly where he lives in the forest. When you talk to any moogle, Popoi will explain that their village was taken over by some pebblers, so you're going to go take it back. 4 Sep Upperland Forest (full) by Laura Shigihara, released 04 September 30 Apr Guides · Secret of Mana Walkthrough; Upper Land says that there is an orb in the Upper Land forest that opens the way to Matango.

Select "UpperLand" to blast off to the newest destination of your journey, the Upperland Forest. There will be four forests south of where you land (amidst. 26 Dec To help the Moogles, you'll need to explore the Great Forest a little bit. the lower left corner and exit through the path to enter the Upper Land. I just rode the cannon travel system to the upperlands for the first time and cant figure out what to do next. Found an orb in the forest but nothing.

6 Jan Why can't I trigger the Crystal Switch in the forest in the Upper Land? I freed the Moogle Village, and they tell me to 'Walk the seasons from. 1 Apr Village and choose to go to the Upper Land. He says he will get you to the Great Forest, but we will actually end up at the Forest of Seasons. Points of Interest Cave of the White Dragon - A cave complex accessible from Fung Castle in Matango, home to Flammie and other white dragons., Forest of.


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