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Every year for the past 4 years I’ve chosen a word for the year.  One word to focus on for the entire year that helps you achieve your goals. A word to help you keep your focus on those things that are most important to you.  This word can be in the place of traditional resolutions, or it can be to help enhance your resolutions. 

Past words for me have included Aware, Balance, and in 2011, Moment. The word Moment helped me a lot last year, and I continue to think about it often.  It stayed close to me and helped in times when I didn’t even know it was helping until after.  It was a great word, but I am ready for a new one for 2012.  I hope it serves me just as well as my word in 2011.  This year my word is Embrace.

I’ve made this necklace to help keep my word close to me.  It will help me on days when my word needs to be especially prominent in my life, and on days when it may be slipping away from me.  Plus, it features my favorite color combination, purple and aqua. :)

Let me take a step back and let you know how I chose my word for 2012.  Around Thanksgiving, I start searching for a word, thinking about the possibilities and what they would mean to me.  I typically make a list of words somewhere, this time it was in the Notes App on my phone.  The list included words like Accept, Adore, Become, Bliss, Cherish, Embrace, Focus, Gratitude, Happiness, Intent, Laugh, Purpose, Renew, Simplify, and Write.  All these words (and this isn’t even the whole list!) would have been great for 2012.  They may even be future words for me.  This year though, I found this artwork by Kelly Rae Roberts, and knew what my word would be:

The first line, Embrace Possibility, speaks to me loud and clear.  It’s all possible… I just need to embrace it and make it happen.  The rest of the artwork is fabulous as well, and each line means something to me:

Embrace possibility.
Acknowledge your talents.
Create with abandon.
Wear more skirts.
Be fearless.
Surprise yourself and do the thing you didn’t think you could do.
Believe in healing.
Speak your gratitude.
Ask questions.
Take the journey back to yourself.
Explore the night sky.
Be quirky, be yourself.
Dance in the living room.
Seek joy.
Share your story.
Surround yourself with beauty.
Unleash your dreams.
Begin. Begin.
Remember your year old self.


Isn’t it awesome?!?  I love everything about it. Everything.  I wish I could get a print to hang to be able to see it every day.  Kelly Rae has closed her shop for a bit and I’m hoping it will be available when she opens it again next month. :)

So, what will my word, Embrace, mean to me this year?  I hope it will help me to Embrace:

  • Possibility
  • Change
  • Life’s Challenges
  • Simple Moments
  • Opportunity

These seem big, but really it’s something we all face day to day.  We can choose to react to life and I would like to choose to react in a positive way and to embrace all the things in life that I may otherwise react negatively to or to let pass me by.  I’m hoping that this year I can be better at all these things.

If you’d like to know more about One Little Word, check out Ali Edward’s Blog to see her word as well as many others for 2012.  Ali came up with this concept years ago and has inspired many others, including myself, to pick a word each year to focus on.

What about you?  Have you chosen a word for 2012?  What is it?  What do you hope your word will help you with this year?


3 Responses to One Little Word 2012 | What’s Your Word?

  • Sue says:

    On New Year’s Eve this year, from 10:00pm-12:05am, I took a yoga class. At the beginning of the class the teacher told us to come up with one word to live by this year and I immediately thought of you and your word for 2011. I was hoping that you would do it again this year too.

    The word I chose is “Open”

    I aim to be more open in my mind and my body, more open to new situations and people.. just open.

    Thanks for posting about your word each year, it has helped me to embrace the concept and live it myself :D

  • Jennifer says:

    Brave. Bold. Big.

    Brave in Love.
    Bold in Action.
    Big in Dreams.

    If there is a word that means all those things, then that’s my word. Otherwise, I have three. It’s about letting go of feeling small and weak.

    I think KRR is going to let us know of sources online to buy her artwork this year, since her shop will only have a few small things. I do know that Amazon carries some of the canvas, at really good prices too.

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