Photobooth Friday | State Fair

I absolutely love Photobooths.  Seriously, I adore them!  If you have ever spent any time with me, that time likely included, at some point, being dragged by me into a photobooth.  This feature is purely fun, to show off those many photobooth strips I have acquired (and am still acquiring) and to share the silly love I have for all types of photobooths.

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the only places I’ve found in Minnesota with the old-style photobooths.  There are four of them lined up in an arcade on the fairgrounds, and they are awesome.  It takes about 4 minutes to get your strip, since they are developed and printed right there (no digital photography used!)

I love the way the old ones look and even though the first photo in this strip is a little off (we didn’t know when it would actually start taking pictures, hehe) this is one of my favorite strips I’ve ever done.  This may or may not be because of the last photo, which I love to pieces.


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