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Have you ever completed, or even just attempted, a 365 photo project?  The idea is that you take one photo a day, all year, for one year.  Some people take a photo of their child every day, or themselves, or they focus on one even more specific theme for the entire year.  I don’t use a theme, but I do use just one method to capture every photo: my iPhone.

I use the iPhone app Project 365.  There is a free version if you want to check it out, though I have upgraded to the pro version since it enables you to back everything up online.  If my phone was ever lost or damaged I could retrieve all of my photos easily.  It also allows you to journal a few sentences every day which also gets backed up.

These are all my photos from last year, 2011.  I absolutely love seeing them all together.  An entire project, all together, right here.  A project that took me a year to complete, summarized in one photo. It’s so cool! You can click to see the image larger or visit the individual month’s pages on the Project 365 site.

This year I’ll be using the same app and my phone.  I enjoyed the ease of it so much that I am just going to repeat the same process again.  I changed a few things though: This year I will be journaling just one line every day, and I am also adding a white border around every photo. It’s coming along quite nicely so far. :)

I originally intended to post all of my 365 photos for this year to Instagram, but after trying this I found out that it’s just not going to work.  I’ve found that some days I will post a photo to Instagram without knowing it’s going to be my photo for Project 365.  So, instead of posting them to Instagram as well, I am just using the app.  I’ll still be posting photos to Instagram though, because I love it. :)

What about you?  Have you ever done a photo a day project? Would you ever try?


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