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22 Oct Lower quality streams obviously use way less data. So what does that mean in terms of your data plan? kbps rate translates to MB per minute of audio or MB per hour. So if you were to stream music for an entire eight hour work day, you'd burn through nearly 1 GB. 25 May How Much Data Spotify & Your Favorite Music Streaming Apps Kill. Thanks to the glut of streaming services that exist today, it's never been easier to listen to music anywhere, anytime. When you're not connected to Wi-Fi, using Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, or any number of other. 8 Jan The 'Normal' quality setting on Google Play Music is the same as Apple Music in terms of data usage, and weighs in at roughly MB per hour, if you take the given bitrate as a base. High quality settings on Google Play Music use approximately MB of data per hour.

3 Jul Streaming audio. Normal-quality music streaming uses MB per minute or 72MB per hour on average. High quality music is kbps. High-quality streaming music uses MB per minute or MB per hour on average. 6 Dec After using Google Play Music in the car occasionally over the course of five days or so, I saw that my mobile data usage for the app had. 20 May That means that a couple hours of streaming music on Spotify can really You can check how much data you use by listening to Spotify; that.

I am on the 10gb once off Lit music. Under my data usage on my phone Google play music app doesn't appear so I can't track the data usage. Apple Music is at heart a streaming solution, designed so that you can listen to want to be a little less profligate with your use of such a data-heavy solution. 20 Mar One of the main culprits of mobile data drain is music streaming -- but with a few nifty tricks, you can minimize how much data is actually.


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