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How to bf3 premium after purchase download

How to bf3 premium after purchase

I have buy the BF3 Premium from the origin discount that show me on the main menu if you can understand me!! if i have purchase this game i must contract EA . Solved: Please tell me how to download this after purchase? the game does not BF3 Premium: I've cleared my cache and redownloaded the patch. I paid for premium this morning and I still cannot access any of the expansion pack maps.

Let's say you already bought the first 2 expansions (Back to Karkland and Close Quarters Combat) and now want the Premium Status. If you buy Battlefield 3 Premium, these should be accessed through the You will also receive a host of unique in-game items not available anywhere else. Buy this product with a G2A Shield Membership and get 10% Cashback. . Containing a truly staggering amount of content, Battlefield 3 Premium offers a.

A large update(gb) is downloading now, is this the new content? Also, will I have to redownload any of the old expansions, like return to. If I buy BF3 premium edition can I use only DLC's or will it conflict with Not necessarily 80% of people who buy premium later also had the. Buy new: $ 24 Buy used: .. The Benefits of a Battlefield 3 Premium Membership . I already owned Battlefield 3 Limited Edition when I purchased this.


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