What I Love Wednesday | My New Kitchen Aid Mixer

I’m linking up with Krystina again for What I Love Wednesday. This week I’m loving new mixer!  I’ve been wanting a stand mixer for a while now but I don’t really bake enough to warrant spending the money on one.  So, when Jason found a great Black Friday deal, we had to check it out.

Isn’t she a beauty?  She was totally worth going to the mall at midnight on Black Friday (yes, we are a little insane… but that’s all we got!) and standing in line and dealing with other crazy Black Friday-ers.  If you are one of them, I totally respect your commitment to the deals!  It’s really pretty insane.  And, if you’re a retail employee that worked that night, holy moly, you are crazy, in a good way.  :)

Doesn’t she look beautiful on my counter, nestled in there with my knives and other gadgets?  I have plans for a fun decal for her which Jason thinks should include the term “spoiled.”  You guys, I’m SO spoiled.

And why did I even want a pretty pretty new mixer?  Well, to make macarons!  I know that there are 1,000 other ways to use it, but this is what I was most excited about!  Macarons are supposed to be difficult to make, and take a few times to get right, so when these came out of the oven looking exactly how they were supposed to look, and even TASTING exactly the same… well, I couldn’t believe it!  They were SO good!  Also, they were pretty!  You can go wrong with a delicious treat that’s also pretty.  :)

I used a recipe from Martha Stewart for these macarons, with notes and adjustments made by Giver’s Log.  She’s got some great insight into how to make these little cuties.

What are you loving this week?  Thanks so much to Kyrstina for hosting this fun weekly linky.  Check out other things that people are loving over on her blog.


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