Wishlist Wednesday | Yellow Heart Art

Welcome to a new series here on Chica Cheeks called Wishlist Wednesday. If you are anything like me, you see pretty things around the internet all the time, and you think to yourself “oh, I want that!”  Maybe it would look perfect in your home, or around your neck, or on your feet… whatever it is, you wish you had it.

This is what this series is about.  Pretty things that other people make that I want to recognize them for, and let them know that even if I can’t buy every pretty thing I see online, that doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely love it!

Today I’d like to introduce you Yellow Heart Art, a shop with awesome designs by Leonora.  I actually love a lot of the prints in her shop (ok, all of them!) but these two are my absolute favorite because they are true!  My life is making things (and blogging, hehe) and I am such a night owl sometimes it’s ridiculous.  These two prints describe my life perfectly and I adore them.

If you’d like to learn more about Leonora check out her twitter feed and her blog.  Some of my twitter friends were tweeting with her back and forth one day and I noticed that she uses hash tags in the most creative and hilarious way.  From then on I’ve found out that she’s an awesome designer and that she creates awesome things.  Check her out if you are looking for some awesome new prints for your home. 

Find the two prints here: I Make Pretty Things All Day, and Creativity Doesn’t Sleep.


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