Wreck this Journal | Fruit Stickers

Have you heard of Keri Smith’s book, Wreck this Journal?  If you haven’t, you’re totally missing out.  It’s a fun and unusual book that everyone should own.  Not often does a book come along that is truly great for any age, but this one is just that.  I may sound like a publicist here, but really, it’s just because I love this book, and I know you will too.

And so, since I love this book so much, I’ve created this new blog series devoted to it.  You are instructed throughout the book to wreck it.  Destroy it.  In many different ways.

Each post in this series will feature a photo (or maybe even a video) of the destruction of the journal.  My first page, below, is the page to collect fruit stickers.  How fun is that?  I’ve been collecting these for a while now actually.  Every time I have a piece of fruit with a sticker on it I put the sticker on the handle on my refrigerator, and then transfer them to the book.  You can probably tell that I really like Bushel Boy Tomatoes by this photo.  :)

Do you want to play along?  Pick up a copy of Wreck this Journal and start the destruction!

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